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It is a mobile Gaming Company and we develop games for Android and IOS platform. We are Passionate Team who love to play and make Games. If you Like our games please do review, subscribe and tell you friends about us.



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Little League Legends

Multiplayer, Adventure
Little League Legends is a fun multiplayer online mobile game with a challenge for the player to overcome various obstacles and win the game by finishing the race or getting the ultimate knockout. Avoid fall of the ramp, these little guys hit and smash other players, to bounce and run towards victory. Customize your character to stylize and decorate, with various pre-set costumes. These mini games are an adaptation of Takeshi’s Castle with candy coloured maps, portraying goofy fun, adventure and hilarious stunts at dizzy heights.

Skull Shooting

Shooting, Action
Skull Shooting Dungeon World is an Action Packed FPS Game. This game is an encounter between the Hero (Player) and a Mythical Evil Witch. The weapons in the game include Pistols, Rifles and a range of Mythical Weapons, which are with HD graphics and are very realistic. The Aim of the game is to destroy the Zombified Skeleton Army creates my the Demonised Villain. Prove yourself as a SKULL hunting Sharp Shooter by making as many head shots as possible. The mysterious castle where battle takes place is a very creepy and scary place. Features in the game: Skull Shooting Dungeon World 2020 consists of 50 exciting and spine chilling levels. The Challenge gets tougher and tougher with each level. Granny Mod in the game can be used to slow down the moving targets and make them easier to shoot at. It is a Fun and Free game, compatible with all Android and Apple Devices. How to Play: Download the game for FREE on the PlayStore and AppStore. Go through all the levels with skilled precision by destroying all the Skull targets using all kinds of amazing Fire Arms. DOWNLOAD , PLAY and ENJOY...

Ball Balancing Extreme

casual, Adventure
Ball Balancing is an extreme adventure game which has occurred in the post apocalyptic era. In this game, one needs to reach the portal by avoiding different traps such has stone hammers, saws, spears, etc. without falling into radiated water. There are advanced features like the Shield, which help the player to overcome the obstacles. These special powers are scare and need diamonds to recharge. The Diamonds are strategically placed on the map.

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